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Ensure overmatch capability through innovative acquisition & rapid intergration of cutting-edge Modular and Open System Assured PNT technologies

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Mounted PNT



To provide access to trusted Position Navigation and Timing data for ground platforms in GPS denied environments.



Mounted Assured PNT System (MAPS) utilizes multiple sensor inputs to provide accurate and trusted PNT data while operating in contested Electronic Warfare (EW)/Cyber environments. It is the single source of accurate and trusted PNT. When GPS is not available, complementary sources such as Global Navigation Satellite Systems, precision clocks, inertial measurement units, and wheel speed sensors are utilized. MAPS distributes PNT data to multiple clients in a single platform eliminating redundant legacy Military GPS receivers (DAGR) and is an affordable path to the next generation Military Encrypted GPS Signal (M-Code) to support threat overmatch across: Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABCTs), Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCTs), Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs), and Support Brigades.



  • Currently conducting limited equipping of “Fight Tonight” capability (GEN I) and prototyping for advanced MAPS solutions (GEN II)

Alternative PNT & Area Protection

Alternative PNT & Area Protection


To provide access to trusted Positioning Navigation and Timing data for Dismounted Soldiers in GPS denied or degraded environments



Dismounted Assured PNT System (DAPS) is the Size Weight and Power-Cost (SWaP-C) optimized, Military GPS receiver and non-GPS sensor suite that provides access to trusted PNT to the Dismounted Soldier. DAPS supports communications, command and control, logistics, targeting, and effects for the Dismounted Soldier. DAPS will achieve additional PNT integrity from the fusion of multiple non-GPS sensor inputs (non-GPS augmentation). DAPS will integrate onto the Nett Warrior system and will distribute and display PNT information to the Nett Warrior End User Device (EUD).

Undergoing prototype development with vendors through the Consortium for Command, Control, Communications and Cyberspace (C5) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA).



  • New start for FY18

Resiliency & Software Assurance Measures (RSAM)

Near Real Time Identity Operations (NRTIO)


Provides resiliency and software assurance processes that mitigate risks in a GPS-challenged environment. RSAM will result in software security updates for SAASM-based GPS receivers including the dismounted/mounted DAGR and the embedded GB-GRAM/MicroGRAM. RSAM will coordinate integrated software testing with host platforms and support client systems in synchronizing RSAM deployment to combat forces.



RSAM will improve the resiliency and software assurance for Global Positioning System receivers until Military-Code (M-Code) and PNT solutions are fully implemented. PNT is developing RSAM solutions for the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) and variants of the Ground-Based GPS Receiver Application Module (GB-GRAM). PM PNT is currently coordinating efforts with various Program Executive Offices (PEOs), PMs, the Air Force, system integrators, and other government organizations to release RSAM updates.

RSAM provides resiliency and software assurance processes that mitigate the risk of GPS anomalies by working with cognizant Government resources, GPS receiver OEMs, and external resources to synchronize the development of SW patches so that lab, integrations, and ‘operational’ evaluations of all updated devices in a given system can be done with the greatest level of effectiveness.

RSAM provides an enduring improvement for SAASM-based systems that will continue to be in the field through FY35.



  • 3QFY19: Engineering Build 3 Assessment for DAGR
  • 3QFY19: Engineering Build 1 Assessment for GB-GRAM

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