First EMARSS aircraft arrives at Aberdeen Proving Ground

Jul 1, 2013

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, MD – The first Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance Surveillance System (EMARSS) aircraft arrived at APG on June 28 to begin system testing. It is the first of four aircraft that will be ferried to APG within the coming months.

The aircraft will be based at APG during its testing phase, which will include regular flights from the installation to Naval Station Lakehurst, NJ. In addition to being housed at APG the aircraft will also synchronize testing information to the Joint Test Integration Facility also located on APG. The EMARSS aircraft are expected go through calibration and contractor test development leading up to Army acceptance.

In May EMARSS aircraft passed all Quality Airworthiness Inspections (QAI) and the Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED) has reviewed and approved the first flight test results.

EMARSS is a manned multi-intelligence Airborne Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AISR) system that provides a persistent capability to detect, locate, classify, identify, and trace surface targets in day/night, near-all-weather conditions with a high degree of timeliness and accuracy. EMARSS will provide direct support to Brigade Combat Teams with a vital ISR capability which builds upon lessons learned in current overseas operations.

The aircraft will include a Distributed Common Ground Station-Army capability that allows collected information to be quickly disseminated to users via the DCGS enterprise.


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